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Jumong & SoSeoNo Did jumong love queen so seo no jumong love soseono korean history 1st Goguryeo Queen So Seo No

28 июня 2012 789 05:39
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a picture collection of Jumong and So Seo No.first song: Ha Neul Ee Yuh Je Bal by Insoonipls rate ;) tnx

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0 # 29 июня 2012 в 20:48 0
one of my favorite kdramas.. love so seo no.. she gave up everything for jumong.. i was wondering though why they didn't have any biological kids.. jumong had 1 with ye soya and so seo no had 2 with his husband right?i remember crying really hard when so seo no left jumong and jumong followed from behind riding on his horse and clutching his "wounded? heart" while watching his beloved queen so seo no leave.. best scene ever..
0 # 5 июля 2012 в 23:09 0
i always favored jumong and so seo no. they did not ended up together in the tv? drama. but in history, they did.historically speaking, technically, his first wife was indeed ye soya, whom she bore him a son. his second wife became so seo no, and her two sons werent his but from her first husband wutae.
sarah # 6 июля 2012 в 13:45 0
I love these? series
0 # 13 июля 2012 в 13:45 0
can i see this with English captions please help? thank you
1m6 # 14 июля 2012 в 05:35 0
You mean Ye Soya?? Yes Jumong married her.
0 # 14 июля 2012 в 12:55 0
?n? tuong ko phai
0 # 19 июля 2012 в 07:53 0
Poor Jumong always has to watch So Seo No leave when they truely? love each other...
jaykeuhb # 5 августа 2012 в 20:29 0
i stopped watching as soon as i realised they wont be together, it brings tears to my eyes every time i think about it, spent so much time on trying to express their love for one another i couldn't help but fall in love with them and then to realise the final outcome of this love story was them not being together was to much for me :( and I'm supposed to be? a 17 year old boy lol
0 # 7 августа 2012 в 17:17 0
?o?n cu?i Soseono c? th?y Jumong kh?ng v?y??
daniel # 9 августа 2012 в 07:35 0
az ahangesh geryam? gereft!!!!:((
13thekat # 11 августа 2012 в 07:25 0
so what really happens with Jumong and SoSeoNo? at the ending?
tundevil # 26 августа 2012 в 20:31 0
jumong look like fool in this place? .but not is claver'
0 # 29 августа 2012 в 03:32 0
Which? episode did Jumong give Soseono the jade ring?
0 # 1 сентября 2012 в 20:59 0
Thanks a bunch? :)
dian # 8 сентября 2012 в 21:50 0
There's great woman behind the great man. Its sad she should leave with her 2 sons for everyone sake after Jumong's 1st wife came with his 1st son. She left to avoid conflict like happened on Jumong and his brothers in the past. Jumong knew it, thats why he let her? leave even though its hurt his heart. Great true love story. I am crying watching it.
0 # 8 сентября 2012 в 22:48 0
according to actual korean history, Woo Tae (SSN's Husband in the story) didn't marry SSN. JM is the biological father of her 2 sons. She was indeed the second wife. SSN left to build a new kingdom which became Baekje.I feel that the last scene that JM watched SSN leave was very impactful. Although he was clutching the left side of his chest due? to the wound but it rightly depicts the pain he is enduring as he watches her leave his side for the second time.
0 # 12 сентября 2012 в 02:06 0
this is a true love. being able? to do what is the best for your love
0 # 14 сентября 2012 в 08:18 0
I like Song Il Gook..love him in Jumong,Emperor of the? Sea and Kingdom of the Winds...
ripmicha # 15 сентября 2012 в 02:13 0
oh, boo............... :( theyre so? good together.......are there any good like romantic moments i could see in any episodes? cuz im on episode 12 right now which is where Daeso killed Hae Mosu which was SO sad..........
ripmicha # 24 сентября 2012 в 12:18 0
thanks~? ur so helpful! :) i just wish they had stayed together, thats the only bummer there.....
0 # 28 сентября 2012 в 07:52 0
i love this series . cant? get over it.great story
0 # 9 октября 2012 в 13:49 0
wonder why Jumong and Soseono did not have any? children during 15 years marriage. I was hoping that? Soseono's first child was Jumon's.
dian # 15 октября 2012 в 16:14 0
So seo no's sons are Jumong;s sons according true? story. They are his 2nd and 3rd son
ana # 26 октября 2012 в 02:12 0
cel mai frumos serial:X ce sa zic...finalul este tragic dar filmul este unul exceptional, knd askult melodia, imi vine sa plang stiind kt timp au? stst despartiti, jumong intemeind regatu...soseono acasa confuntandul pe daeso:((:((:((:|:X:X:X it's a perfect movie
0 # 27 октября 2012 в 04:00 0
can anyone tell? me the name of this song. I really really like it alot eventhough i don't understand korean But i Really Really LIKe It. so please someone answer would really appreciated.thank
hawaii60 # 30 октября 2012 в 21:43 0
@1m6thanks for this video.JM loved SSN to death. What a great? love they had for each other !
bakawhy0 # 8 ноября 2012 в 11:58 0
I don't even think we should call So seo no a first love. I mean they may have married different people but they always been in love. Jumong liked Yesoya? and it's natural since she was such a nice person but he never loved her. So was the same with So seo no's husband.SpoilerThe end was particulary sad but so moving. Nobody's dies but since they get separated and it feels like they do. For me Jumong and Queen Seon Duk are the best historical drama plus the funny Hong gil dong!!!
0 # 10 ноября 2012 в 01:22 0
You can't NOT add? Dae Jang Geum as one of the best! :D
0 # 16 ноября 2012 в 16:10 0
I'm asking for the song wich is in this clip. I guess that's is the name. I really really like it alot eventhough i don't understand korean But? i Really like. If you could help me, I'm very grateful to you:*
dramalov # 16 ноября 2012 в 20:25 0
What episode is 1:20 at and what episode did Jumong give? her the ring?
0 # 25 ноября 2012 в 23:05 0
este un film de exceptie si videoclipul de exceptie mult succes in continoare si? multe felicitari actorilorde la mary pisicutza
anca # 30 ноября 2012 в 11:59 0
name this song..?? please
0 # 3 декабря 2012 в 08:03 0
nice i? loveeee
bronzepl # 8 декабря 2012 в 19:12 0
someone please tell me the name of the song at? the start of the video...PLEASE
bronzepl # 12 декабря 2012 в 20:22 0
thank you?
1m6 # 15 декабря 2012 в 16:49 0
he might have had feelings? for her but it was never mentioned. what's clear was that he truly cared for Buyoung because he felt responsible for Buyoung's misfortunes :)
0 # 25 декабря 2012 в 22:52 0
Its bn a while since ive seen this movie so i dont remember f? there was ever a scene but i wud have liked to see them kiss once...JUST ONCE! cuz its so sad that they cudnt b together...i cried whn SSN cried looking for him T.TBut i kno that back in those days, emotions of love (especially physical) were not expressed openly...
eileen # 30 декабря 2012 в 02:33 0
really sad :( i read that Jumong died 5 months after Prince Yuri and Lady Ye Soya came to the palace. come to think of it, he let Mo pal mo join Queen SSN 's troop.? That's love!
soseonoj # 7 января 2013 в 14:39 0
thier love story is some thing different? ! adore both of them... and when she left OMG my heart be in parts for jumng and her !!! and cant stop my tears .... and that ost "dear heaven" sooooooooo lovely and juat tell thier story as well
1m6 # 8 января 2013 в 03:42 0
thanks for? your comment =)
0 # 11 января 2013 в 13:05 0
ayyyyy... hope to see song il gook and han hye jin in another hit series.....i really like? them..
mailee05 # 13 января 2013 в 19:25 0
I cried when SSN left at the end; it was so sad how much she loved him? but still left for her son's future...too bad they didn't end up together because I really felt that Jumong loved SSN a lot
guns4com # 6 февраля 2013 в 11:16 0
The reason why SSN? left Jumong was not clear in the korean history so they took a guess when they made this drama. There are other possiblities. She could have left because she had a fight with Jumong and build her own nation to go against him.
marah # 8 февраля 2013 в 01:27 0
it was very sad... my heart weeps for them.. T.T?
nejilove # 9 февраля 2013 в 23:27 0
i feel like jumong knows nothing about whats in his heart..he liked that slave girl first n said that he loves her n then he fell n love with soseono cus hes with her more and then he married soya n fell? totallin n love with her.. thats kind of fake.. his love life should b more stable n clear..jus my opinion..
patmenow # 16 февраля 2013 в 15:33 0
Jumong's kingdom of Goguryeo eventually grew into a great regional power. Goguryeo stood for 705 years and was ruled by a total of 28 kings in the Go Royal Family until it was conquered by the Silla-Tang alliance. Balhae and Goryeo succeeded it, and the modern descendants of Jumong still bear his family name "Go."Does that mean that? im a descendant of Jumong~?
mskololi # 17 февраля 2013 в 07:57 0
My other post did not make so here I go again.I just found this k-drama and purchases the whole series because I want to watch my favs. My take on the J-S and J-Y love story is that his heart belongs to Soseono in the storyline, but the 2nd set of writers blurred? things. Darn it!Ye was sweet and good, but not someone to help him become an Emperor when standing by his side. Soseono was the ONE that made him what he was by trusting in his selflessness, ability and determination.
mami # 22 февраля 2013 в 15:10 0
Great? OST.. bittersweet melody that's.. grand...
juan # 25 февраля 2013 в 13:13 0
and one question? wat happen to dae so and to yang zheng daughter ?
aprilgir # 1 марта 2013 в 19:51 0
ep? 25
iceangel # 10 марта 2013 в 18:35 0
WOW.? GREAT MV! Thanks for the upload. =)x3 sosoneo!just dont like the fact that jumong end up with yesoya in the end... zzz.
msnoobie # 19 марта 2013 в 13:12 0
may i post my MV in? response to this vid ?
msnoobie # 28 марта 2013 в 13:02 0
please tell me? what ep ju mong saved so seo no and what eps does so seo no watch ju mong praticing swordmanship ?
msnoobie # 2 апреля 2013 в 03:43 0
ohh i found the 2 rescues. =) doesn't she watch jumong practicing sword and when he was in the room about twice or 3 times ? i'm looking for those moments to make videos? =)
msnoobie # 2 апреля 2013 в 13:07 0
thank you haha?
ce4lyf21 # 4 апреля 2013 в 06:52 0
jumong is my favorite drama!!! song il gook is so handsome while han hye jin is so beautiful!!!! but the ending of jumong is so sad..): how i? wish so seo no and jumong 4ever!!!
1m6 # 7 апреля 2013 в 05:46 0
yes it was a sad ending. i got frustrated. but it? had to end that way because its a historical fact.
1m6 # 20 апреля 2013 в 19:47 0
no. its a fact that Jumong and SSN didn't end up together because SSN left Goguryeo. i don't think Jumong loves Yesoya the way he had? loved SSN during the first half of the series. Soya is Jumong's obligation.
rahcel15 # 22 апреля 2013 в 20:35 0
agree wid u! ;(?